Best Android Apps in 2016 We Should Always Use

today i’m gonna show you best android apps in 2016 the world. guys we use android application.  because now-a-days have Advance Technology in smart phone.

world wide maximum 70 % people use smart phone and 25 % uses mobile phones.  first smart phone launched in 1994 in japan it’s launched IBM Simon company. you can Know about best smartphones in the world.

Best Android Apps

i’ll show in the world most of the people use these application. and i also show you application’s downloading links. who you’ll hit on the download button and install.

Let’s start..!

 1. Mx Player

best android apps

Mx Player is best video player for android. if you are android user so you must do download and install. it’s video streaming android application. in this application have lot of futures like when you play your video you can lock you screen touch.

you can control video volume and brightness using LCD. this app best thing is video zooming using touch screen. Mx Player google play store ratting is 4.4. world 100 million user this Application. so if you download this app you’ll click on the download button.


2. Zapiya

best android apps

Zapya : the best technology in this time because we can share any file another mobile very easily and very fast using Zapya Application. like Application,  Games, Images, Audio Songs, Video Songs, you can share anything and any file.

Question : is why we used Zapya. we Can also Download any app and games on the play store?

Answer : if you Download any application or games definitely you use your internet data. if you send your data with Zapya so don’t use your internet data.

it’s simple and free app you should use this application. you should Download this app you can tap on the Download button.


3. Google Map

best android apps

Google map is the best and most popular Application because it’s Google property. if you have Google map application so you can see world any place.

it’s main purpose is you can find any place. can find any way to any time any where and world wide any place. you can Download Google map App tap on the download button Download option.


4. WhatsApp

best android apps

Whats App is social networking application.  this is the best android apps. it’s launched in 2009 from united street. it’s More than 1 billion user in the world.

you want contact your friends and relative’s through audio and video call or massages. so you should use this app. you can also share pic, videos, and audios,  using WhatsApp. you want Download this app tap on the Download button.


5. Facebook  Massanger

best android apps

Facebook Massanger is the best android apps. it’s free for public it have  lot of futures. you can talk your Facebook friends and relative’s using Facebook Massanger . share your information with massages and videos, pic, it’s best thing is you can also group chatting. Download this App tap the button.


6. Youtube

best android apps

Youtube is NO #1 video shearing website. basically it’s Google property it have a lot of videos like funny videos, pranks, movies, you can watch any type of video using this Application.

You Can Download Youtube app. this app also working on Laptop, Tablet, and smartphones.  you Download this app you can Tap on the Download button.


7. Mobile Security Antivirus

best android apps

Antivirus : on the internet and play store have lot of applications but antivirus is the best application in the world. this app most important for your smart phone. if you want to safe mobile virus so you should install this application immediately.

because this app dose not come any type of Malware and virus. it’s a free of cost Application for android user. if you’ll use free version antivirus give you limited future.

if you want use all future antivirus so you you’ll pay Some money on antivirus developer. and than you can used all future. guys you should use this application immediately. and safe your mobile data. Download this app tap on the button button.


8. Candy Camera

best android apps

candy camera world’s best camera application. why candy camera application best because. candy camera have smart technologies. in this camera have lot of filter show your face good looking if you yet so you check it. this is the great camera application. tap download option and Download this app.


9. Screenshot Easy


this is the screen shot application. if want scan your mobile screen any time any where. you install screen shot easy application. it’s a best android apps because it’s very easy any person used this application minimum 10 million user in the world. this app Completely free but it’s 1 requirement you have to face advertisement.


10. Easy Backup And Restore

easy backup and restore


easy backup and restore. when you go on the play store in front of mobile screen show lot of backup Application but some application are paid and some application are hard furnishings in this article i tel you best and easy application.

why backup application is important i’told you if your phone snatch and lose. you can recover your phone precious data from any android phone. it’s a best android app. if you want read complete information easy backup and restore click here.


guys in this article i told you best android apps. if you have any question related this article you can ask me feel free. through comment and email…!


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