Share Mobile Internet Via WiFi Though Mobile Hotspot

Hi there today we’ll tell you how to share mobile internet via WiFi through Hotspot. some time your mobile data is finished or you don’t have any wife connection. in this situation you can getting internet on your friends and relatives mobiles.

share mobile internet

if you want to know how to share your mobile internet you must be read complete article we’ll tell you complete guide about shearing mobile internet.

Share Mobile Internet

first off all your mobile phone should be have mobile data connection. we hope anybody Know about mobile data connection. if your mobile have mobile data connection so you’ll be on you mobile data.


after the on your mobile data you’ll be go on the mobile setting and then litle bit scroll down your page and tap More option and then tap on the tethering & portable network after the click portable network.

screenshot_0828001414 screenshot_0828001426

on your mobile screen show some options like “Bluetooth Tethering” and “WiFi Hotspot” e.t.c

How To Connect Wifi Without Password

you’ll be click on the WiFi Hotspot and then turn on your WiFi Hotspot set your WiFi Hotspot name and password tap save. Now whenever you turn on your mobile Hotspot so your mobile automatically share WiFi.

if you don’t understand properly this guide so you can follow second step. it’s a very very easy step any person use this step very easily. this guide for only for android user. now you can share WiFi through android application. if you Know how to share Wi-Fi android application so you can follow this step.

Portable WiFi Hotspot

this is a most popular and easy use application this app ratting is very good 3.9″ and world wide user is 100 million. after the install this app you can easily share mobile internet if you want to install this app so you can click on the download button and install very easily.

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in that article we told you how to share mobile internet. and thanks for read this complete article. and if you want to giving our newsletter please subscribe our website and share this article with your friends and relevant’s.

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