How To Connect WiFi Without Password – NEW {2020} Updated Guide

Do you want to know How to connect WiFi without a password?

Good news for you in this article we’ll learn how to connect WiFi without a password using WPS Tricks.

In this process, you don’t need any software and application, to connect WiFi just need A smartphone and WiFi connection.

connect Wifi Without password
Connect WiFi without a password like a piece of cake after reading this article hopefully, you’ll be able to connect WiFi without a password, you have to connect WiFi without Key in your mobile phone using the WPS trick.

Question: What is the WPS?

WPS Full Form Is WiFi protected setup. It was introduced in 2016 by WiFi airlines. For full details about WiFi protected setup read on Wikipedia.

Connect WiFi Without Password

Why do we need to connect WiFi without a password?

Most of the time we have own WiFi connection and own WiFi routers when we connect WiFi through password first time, after the few weeks Or month majority of people forget his WiFi password.

What is my WiFi password?

In that situation I have a solution for you, that simple trick I would like to share with you. That will help you to connect WiFi without key in your laptop, iPhone and other devices Let’s start.

Are you ready to know?

Connect WiFi without a password in iPhone using WPS. You need to learn some steps following this guide. First of all, you’ll need to find where is your WiFi router is.

After the found WiFi router’s next step to finding the router’s “WPS BUTTON” Most of The WiFi router’s WPS button has routers Backside.

“You Can see WPS button behind the router “See This Image.”

connect wifi without passwoed

After found the WPS button just push that for 5 seconds then go to your mobile WiFi advanced settings and find there WPS button.

If you are using an Android mobile phone so you’ll see the WiFi Protected setup option on the bottom right of your phone.

“Follow The Image”
connect wifi without password

The same procedure to an iPhone so tap on that WPS symbol then wait for few seconds If you don’t understand how to connect WiFi to your iPhone so watch this step by step video.↓

32 GB

“Like This”The connecting process will start then wait a few seconds.
connect wifi without password
After the complete these processes, your WiFi Automatically will connect to your iPhone or Android Phone, And Laptop ass well without the password.

How to Connect Wifi Without Password in Android?

The same way to connect wifi without a password use WPS trick that will help you to connect wifi without a password.

How to connect wifi without password and Wps?

There is no way to connect wifi without password and WPS, The hackers can do hack passwords without WPS only and also that's not the easy way.

How to connect wifi without password in android mobile?

The same way to connect wifi without password in android mobile, simply uses WPS trick.

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  1. Very Helpful Article.

  2. but i have WLAN written there instead of WPS

  3. Thank you so much for sharing it’s working.

  4. After connecting to wifi, should I need push the WPS button at the
    wifi router?

  5. to push rather

  6. Ok, Thank You.

  7. Why WPS failed?

  8. router no touch,any way to wifi connect ………….

    back side no touch so other personal router …………

  9. I tried what u said and it didn’t work

  10. the button I pressed said WPS on it, and it was on the front- is that it?

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